Local Spotlight: Shiloh

Local band, Shiloh has a familiar sound unlike anything one might expect to hear. Imagine a circle of friends gathered around a campfire, drinking whisky while their faces fill with warmth and ashes. The smoke creates a hazy comfort in good company. Voices rise and fall, like dominoes set to a tickling rhythm. Chicago-based Shiloh […]

The Maria Bamford Show

Maria Bamford is the first female comic to have two half-hour Comedy Central Presents specials. She grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. She is known for her self deprecating humor. Her series, The Maria Bamford Show is a part autobiographical, part fictional depiction of her moving back into her dysfunctional home with her family. She is known […]

Air Guitar by Dave Hickey

I had this idea of an art made for the living, you see— of an art that might flourish that might flourish in the crazy zone between the priests of institutional virtue and the bottom feeder of commercial predation— of an art that might embody the marriage of desire and esteem (which is, of course, […]

A Critic’s Manifesto (Daniel Mendelsohn)

The bright but abrogating review does it’s own sort of reverence to artists: grave artists, in writer, Daniel Mendelsohn, “want only to be reviewed intelligently, rather than showered with vacuous raves—not least, because serious artists learn from serious reviews.” His veridicality in this vulnerability is endearing and disarms him right away; he soon after perseveres […]