Battles at Bottom Lounge

Taking bits and pieces from the Animal Collective, A Place To Bury Strangers, and a bit of nautical celeste for aesthetic purposes gives fans a pleasant feeling of familiarity when listening to the band known as Battles. The Bottom Lounge can put on a show just right…the mood set in the murky hall has a sedative effect to […]

David Simon: “The Angriest Man In Television”

David Simon is best known as a screenwriter, producer and creator of several critically acclaimed television series including Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire and Treme. “The show is written in a 21st-century city-state that is incredibly bureaucratic, and in which a legal pursuit of an unenforceable prohibition [the war on drugs] has created […]

Parenthetical Girls Interview

The Blow, Owen Pallet, Xiu Xiu, Grouper and others are among the bands Zach Pennington, vocalist and founding member of Parenthetical Girls recorded on his label, Slender Means Society. Parenthetical Girls began to take off after the band’s vinyl-only debut album, which was released in 2004. Zach Pennington has been the one standing member in […]

The Maria Bamford Show

Maria Bamford is the first female comic to have two half-hour Comedy Central Presents specials. She grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. She is known for her self deprecating humor. Her series, The Maria Bamford Show is a part autobiographical, part fictional depiction of her moving back into her dysfunctional home with her family. She is known […]

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down Play Lincoln Hall

San Francisco Bay Area-based musician, Thao Nguyen, had taken a “four-year break” from music to dedicate her time to charity before her latest album, We the Common, came out in early 2013 on Ribbon records. With the record release being so fresh and Thao having been out of the spotlight for so long, it was a pleasant surprise […]