Museum of Contemporary Photography Exhibit: Taxonomy of a Landscape

Nothing so pastoral and bucolic in nature would challenge this exhibit unless it were actual pastures being plowed into the museum, trees springing from legions creating an air thick with pastels that with each shade are inhaling and exhaling a changing season. The photos that Victoria Sambunaris creates are so buoyant they can stop you […]

The Sandwitches “Mrs. Jones’ Cookies

These self-proclaimed monster mash enthusiasts are a west-coast trio made up of two leading vocalists and guitarists, Heidi Alexander, Grace Cooper (both hail from their beginnings as back up vocalists of the Fresh and Onlys) and Lance Kramer on drums. The Sandwitches originated in the west coast, San Francisco. Their debut album is likened much […]

Air Guitar by Dave Hickey

I had this idea of an art made for the living, you see— of an art that might flourish that might flourish in the crazy zone between the priests of institutional virtue and the bottom feeder of commercial predation— of an art that might embody the marriage of desire and esteem (which is, of course, […]

A Critic’s Manifesto (Daniel Mendelsohn)

The bright but abrogating review does it’s own sort of reverence to artists: grave artists, in writer, Daniel Mendelsohn, “want only to be reviewed intelligently, rather than showered with vacuous raves—not least, because serious artists learn from serious reviews.” His veridicality in this vulnerability is endearing and disarms him right away; he soon after perseveres […]

Peggy Sue: Healing the Senses

The ladies of Peggy Sue (formerly known as Peggy Sue and the Pirates) on Yep Roc records, released their “The Body Parts EP” followed by “The First Aid EP” for free in April of 2010. Both albums are cathartic and stripped to the bare bone of lust, desire and instability. Their three members, Rosa Rex, […]

Coasting vs. Clues (Album Reviews)

“There’s something inherently affable about Coasting’s sound, which has the grimy, big-hearted spirit of an early K Records release. And if you’re predisposed to liking garage rock or music that extols the virtues of all things handmade (check that punk rock cross-stitch on the album cover), you are not likely to hold Coasting’s lack of […]

Live Review: Patrick Watson at Lincoln Hall

Only six months has passed since Montreal-based musician Patrick Watson last visited Chicago. On his second visit,  he returned to Lincoln Hall to a completely different crowd. Months ago the crowd was half the size, composed of people who were mostly unfamiliar with his music. This time the hall was filled to capacity. People were singing along with Watson […]

Pretty Much Amazing: Album Review of Widowspeak “Almanac”

In an interview about her new LP, Molly Hamilton of Widowspeak was asked by her label, Captured Tracks, “How would you describe Almanac to a person who is deaf?” She responded, “Almanac is like moving into a big old house in the woods with sheets covering all the furniture, and then taking all the sheets off.”